Shine Dance School Wentworth Falls | About
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Georgina Khoo has been principal of Shine Wentworth Falls Dance School since 2013.

Trained in RAD ballet, CSTD jazz and tap, Georgina has also expanded her dance repertoire to include Hip Hip, Contemporary, Belly Dancing and Irish Dance.

She has a BA in Arts majoring in drama and history from Murdoch University, WA and has a Certificate of Musical Theatre from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

She also completed a post-graduate diploma in Education in drama and history from University of Wollongong. In 2005 she was recognised as the top student to graduate from this course, being awarded the Pre-Service Teacher Award  from the Australian College of Educators.

For several years she was the choreographer for The Broken Limb Amateur Theatre Company in Perth and for  Perth College Anglican School for girls.  After  successfully teaching creative arts in high schools for almost a decade,  she took over as Principal of Shine Dance School.

In 2015 and 2016, Georgina completed courses in Screen and Stage Acting with 75% Old School.


At Shine Dance School, we believe in:

  • Providing a dynamic, energetic and passionate learning environment.
  • Providing a nurturing environment where individuals participate in realizing their own potential.
  • Providing an inclusive and safe learning environment where each student feels valued.
  • Working in partnership with parents to foster their child’s creative development.
  • The importance of a trusting and positive relationship between teachers and students.
  • Fostering the love of performing as a lifelong process.



One of the best things about joining a dance school is learning about teamwork. Like a team sport or an orchestra, each dance is a goal oriented activity and an opportunity for every student to learn dedication to and reliance on their team.  Each dance is prepared for performance through choreography and every member has an essential role to play. This is why attendance at class every week is important. The dance pieces cannot be practised fully if members of the group are missing. It delays the memorisation of the steps and can really lead to a lot of pressure leading up to concert time!  At Shine Dance School, we believe that regular attendance at classes is essential if the students are to get the most out of it.


Attending dance classes every week is another way to increase each student’s over over amount of exercise. Learning rhythm, improving flexibility and increasing stamina are just some of the benefits of regular dancing.  We like to think of it as ‘sport for arty people’!


Each cohort in a particular dance class tends to learn and develop at the same rate. Many of our classes have had the same participants for several years and it gives the kids the opportunity to really get to know one another. Having an additional friendship group outside of school is a wonderful thing! It can increase resilience by giving kids a wider social network.

Life skills

Dance classes are an opportunity for students to learn a strong work ethic. Through learning in a group environment and preparing for performances, they are expected to show commitment, follow through and good time management.